Massachusetts Endorsement

The statutory requirements for the rental of residential properties in Massachusetts are very difficult for the average landlord and tenant to fathom and compliance is frequently a hit or miss proposition. This is particularly true of the Massachusetts Security Deposit Statute (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 186 section 15B). It is a lengthy and technical statute. A minor violation can have a very serious impact. Although most of these pitfalls initially impact on landlords, misunderstandings between tenant and landlord are exasperated when these issues arise.

I have had the opportunity to examine I think it can be of great help to landlords in the process of handling security employs a user friendly interactive program that landlords can use to easily create virtually all the paperwork required for setting up and servicing a security deposit in compliance with all Massachusetts statutes.

I highly recommend the use of the technology and laud the benefits the program can provide to anyone who rents residential properties.

Michael E. Katin, Esq.
Scheier Katin & Epstein, P.C.
Acton, MA
Chairperson, Massachusetts Bar Association
Real Estate Section Council